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With over a dozen breweries in Gwinnett County, we have something on tap for everybody. Each one is locally owned and puts on events for the community year-round. Enjoy award-winning brews while listening to live music or playing trivia. Want to check out all 12 breweries? Click the button below to download our Gwinnett Beer Map. 


Our brewery tour is an entertaining, unique and the perfect way to experience the emerging Gwinnett County craft beer scene. Cruise to different spots around Gwinnett, and…

Craft Breweries & Beer

All About Gwinnett's Craft Beer

What is craft beer? What is an IPA? What is a stout? If you have asked yourself these questions before then read on…this blog is for you! Perhaps you have shied away from Gwinnett’s…

Craft Breweries & Beer

Where to Find Craft Beer in Gwinnett

The craft beer train has left the station, and we want to help you plan your stops. There are plenty of restaurants and bars that offer a variety of drafts. Here, we're focusing on breweries…

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