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Gwinnett's third-largest city, Duluth is the place to truly capture the spirit of good living. From chef-driven restaurants to the perfect local pub, you'll find something to please your palate. The city is also home to fabulous live music and a vibrant arts scene.

From a recent article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, "While Atlanta is possessed of any number of postcard-perfect town squares, one suburban downtown that has been wholly transformed in recent years is Duluth. In particular, the Parsons Alley development, a warren of shops, restaurants and public spaces at the corner of Main and West Lawrenceville streets, is a culinary destination in its own right."

Duluth was recently named as a "Top 10 City for Best American Values" by NewsMax magazine and one of the "Best Affordable Suburbs in America" by Bloomberg Businessweek magazine.

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Spend a Day in Duluth

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