Pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in America for the third year in a row and it seems like everyone is playing it these days. If you have never heard of pickleball, it is a mixture of tennis and ping-pong played on a smaller tennis court with a paddle. It can be played in singles or doubles so grab your partner and hit the courts. This sport is known for being social and laid back but can get competitive if you choose to do so. 

If you are looking to get into pickleball but don't know where to start look no further. We have rounded up all the Pickleball courts in Gwinnett, mostly serviced by Gwinnett County Parks and Recreation. Some courts have a small rental fee and others are first come first serve. 

Outdoor Pickleball Courts in Gwinnett

1. E.E. Robinson Park in Sugar Hill: the first pickleball courts in Gwinnett and is home to a large pickleball community. 

2. Rhodes Jordan Park in Lawrenceville ($2.50/person or $1.50/ ages 50+): this park contains the newest courts in Gwinnett, which opened in May of 2022. 

Overlays on tennis courts

Many parks put pickleball lines on top of an already existing tennis court. Some parks use the tennis net and others will bring out a special pickleball net, check their website for specific details. 

1. Bay Creek Park in Loganville

2. Dacula Park 

3. Graves Park in Norcross

4. Bunten Road Park in Duluth

5. Rock Springs Park in Lawrenceville ($2.50/person or $1.50/ ages 50+)

6. Mountain Park in Lilburn ($2.50/person or $1.50/ ages 50+)

Indoor Pickleball Courts in Gwinnett

1. Bogan Park Gym in Buford (Tuesday-Thursday 10 am-1 pm)

2. George Pierce Park Gym in Suwanee (Monday-Friday 10 am-12:30 pm)

3. Lucky Shoals Park Gym in Norcross (Thursday 10am-noon) 


Pickle and Social at The Exchange puts a fun twist on pickleball! Drink, eat, and play all in one place. There is a lawn with yard games to hang out while watching others play. They have indoor and outdoor courts for rent. 

More Than Pickleball in Buford is an indoor facility with 9 pro pickleball courts. They offer lessons, food, and drinks. 


Pickleball Resources: 

Check the Gwinnett County Parks and Recreation website for more details about pickleball court specific details. 

Check out the Gwinnett Pickleball Club for tournaments and open-play options. 

Pickleheads is a great resource for learning and playing. 


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Map of Pickleball Courts in Gwinnett

Click on each one for the address and more details