We all expect the typical date. Dinner and a movie. Netflix and chill. Sound familiar? Well, we want to get you out of your date night rut. Gwinnett makes this easy because there are about a million ways you can surprise that special someone in your life with a better date.

Make Something Together
Quick—what's one of the most romantic movie scenes ever? If you said, "that part in Ghost," you win. Now, we don't recommend reenacting this exact moment, but you can plan an awesome date night experiencing some of Gwinnett's great art.

  • Tannery Row Artist Colony is a site to see. Many of the artists who work out of the colony offer workshops. Don't feel like making something on your own? Pieces throughout the colony are available for purchase.
  • Spin Art Nation is exactly what it sounds like! This is latest art trend is messy but worth it, you spin paint on a canvas creating a masterpiece in the process. 
  • The Hudgens Center for the Arts has a wide range of classes, including everything from clay and calligraphy to drawing and photography.
  • Eye Candy Art Studio in downtown Duluth creates an intimate, fun atmosphere. Here you can enjoy pottery painting, canvas painting classes, glass fusion, and wine glass painting.

Taste Something Different
We can all get stuck in a routine. Once you find an awesome restaurant with a great dish, it can be hard to branch out and try something new. There are too many amazing restaurants in our county for that.

Play A Game Together Add some friendly competition to your date night for an exhilarating evening. You can hone your gaming skills or your driving expertise—Gwinnett's got options.

  • Gwinnett's golf games for all levels of golfers. Try Top Golf for golf games, food, and a full-service bar. Book an open, semi-private, or private at Best Ball, Gwinnett's first indoor golf simulation. Practice just like you are on the driving range with great food and drinks to choose from. Or pop over to Putt Nation for a state-of-the-art miniature golf game.
  • At Main Event in Suwanee, you can partake in all kinds of games, including bowling, arcade games, and laser tag. Not to mention, they've got great dining and drink options.
  • Put on your racing helmets and see who will come in first at Andretti Indoor Karting and Games. Winner gets to pick where you eat dessert!
  • Put your thinking caps on and try to escape the room at Escape the Netherworld.
  • Test your aim by throwing axes. Axe Master Throwing is a fun and unique experience to try with your significant other. Warning: It can become addictive and your husband might build it in the backyard. 
  • Master of Monopoly? Or are strategy games your schtick? The Play Parlor in Lawrenceville is the place for you

Now you've got everything you need to break out of that predictable date night routine. Next time you want to go to dinner and a movie, reconsider your options and do something different!