By now, I'm sure that many of you have been into one of the many Korean bakeries around Gwinnett Place Mall and sampled the delicious baked goods and variety of beverages offered. These sweets never disappoint, but for those in the mood to try something more traditional, there is Sweet Rice Cafe in Duluth. Sweet Rice specializes in classic varieties of rice cakes, known as tteok, popular throughout East Asia for special events and holidays or just regular gatherings at a tea house.

These delicacies are made from a fine glutinous rice flour that usually steamed. The rice flour may sometimes be mixed with other grains, beans, sesame seeds, wheat flour and starch. Some of the more popular types are songpyon, brightly colored rice cakes that may be stuffed with sweet red bean, mung bean powder, or honey and sesame seeds. These cakes are particularly popular at festive events and the traditional holidays of thanksgiving and new years. Another popular variety is hobok tteok which contains sweetened pumpkin in the mix.

Sweet Rice offers samples of these popular cakes and many other varieties to be enjoyed over a nice warm beverage. If you find some that you like, be sure to ask the manager about placing an order for a large party. They do a wonderful job customizing your order to fit any need or special occasion.

Also popular are the various gift sets that provide small samples of a variety of tteok. Surprise that special someone in your life with something other than the usual box of chocolates. With so many varieties, you are sure to find a few to enjoy—maybe even more than the usual pastries and cakes.