And it's back! The Seoul of the South Tour starts up again this May, but after the Olympic Winter Games, if you have a craving for some of the dishes introduced on the broadcasts or just care to venture on your own, here is a beginner guide to some entry level Korean foods. 

This list is a selection of all-time fan favorites and definitely not as intimidating as some other venues that will be discussed in future entries. So feel free to hop in your car, and check them out on your own or with a group of friends. 



9292 Korean BBQ

Next, when you think of Korean food, most think of Korean BBQ. While there are no shortages of options, you can never go wrong with 9292 Korean BBQ. The variety and quality are really amazing, and if you feel up to the challenge there are several all you can eat options. For those who are not looking to stuff themselves in one sitting, 9292 also offers a selection of box sets with a variety of cuts to allow diners to sample different types of meat on the grill. The sides dishes at this establishment really stand out, and you can complete your meal with a selection of traditional stews or noodles that typically end Korean BBQ experiences back in Seoul. 


Bull Gogi

For a take on fusion cuisine, you cannot go wrong with Peachtree Corners' Bull Gogi. This creative concept offers a Korean flair to popular dishes such as burritos and rice bowls. Playing off the popularity of Korean tacos, Bull Gogi mashes some authentic Korean ingredients from the restaurant's namesake, bulgogi to various kimchis and other pickled condiments. Diners can choose a protein and all the toppings they desire in either a burrito or rice bowl. Topping it off are several delectable Korean-inspired sauces such as the ever popular gochujang, a sweet and spicy red pepper sauce popularized by Korean stone bowl bibimbop.


Be sure to tune in next week if you are interested in slightly more adventurous fare. We will be exploring some intermediate options for diners wishing to try their hand and what I consider to be the next level of Korean cuisine. If you're up for it, check back in and be sure to keep a look for the next Seoul of South Tour coming soon!