So there is a few really popular Korean dishes that have been hard to come by in Atlanta until now. One is finding a place that does bossam, slow cooked pork belly wrapped in a kimchi wrap with other types of kimchi condiments. There are some decent places around Duluth, but Jok Ga A Dong Chim, a new restaurant that is a chain in Seoul, has recently opened. This establishment offers some of the best bossam around. 

The pork is succulent and extremely tender. Also, what I think is the most important part of the dish is pairing it with really good kimchi sides that offer acidity to cut through the meat's richness and add balance. 

Another really popular dish is the Korean preparation of trotters or ham hocks. After being marinated in seasoning and a few secret ingredients, the tender pig's feet are slow cooked to provide a literal fall-off-the-bone texture with a little chewiness from the flavorful skin. There really are not many places that prepare this dish well outside of Korea, and we have definitely landed a gem with this establishment. 


Other really excellent aspects of the meal include delicious vegetable sides,steamed egg and pickled sesame leaf. We also decided to try the thin noodles with spicy conch and vegetables.  Everything was terrific and even though I was full, I found myself going back for more.   

This new restaurant is located in a small shopping center on Satellite Boulevard next to the well known restaurant, Jang Su Jang. The interior is very clean and contemporary with design elements that are fairly common in Korea. The service was very friendly and the owner patiently explained everything while paying special attention to the service at all the tables. If I did not know any better, I would think that I am eating in a new place in the center of Seoul rather than Gwinnett County, Georgia. 

You always know that a place is going to be good when you see staff and chefs from other local area restaurants dining in a place. I highly recommend trying out Jok Ga A Dong Chim the next time you are in the area or just craving a new experience. You will not be disappointed. Just be sure to get there early as this popular place has been know to sell out of bossam and trotters on some nights. I know that I will be back soon and hungry for more.