Sarah Park, native Korean and host of the Seoul of the South Food Tour, is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Korean culture in Gwinnett.

Sarah was born and raised in South Korea, and moved to Gwinnett when she was a teenager. She's extremely involved in our community. She's also your go-to girl for recommendations on all things Korean in Gwinnett. 

Gwinnett is home to an especially large Korean population, as well as rich Korean culture. Authentic restaurants, spas and karaoke bars adorn our streets, and Sarah has shared some of her personal favorites here. 


1. Tell me a couple restaurants or bakeries you love to visit for an authentic Korean treat. And what do you get at each stop?

Jang Su Jang for traditional Korean Braised Short Ribs or GalBiJjim and Café Rothem for iced Misugaru or Citron (Yuja) Tea. Misugaru is a delicious and nutritious beverage made from a mix of ground Korean grains and cereals.


2. What are some “must haves” at Gwinnett’s international markets?

Korean Bae (Pear) is a large round fruit that can be eaten as is or used as a natural sweetener in sauces and marinades. It packs a heavy punch of juicy flavor, and among its benefits, it is known to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Also try Korean Mandoo (dumpling) that consists of vegetables, meat, and other types of filling wrapped in a thin flour skin, which is then fried, steamed, or boiled. 

Korean Citron Yuja Tea is a popular Korean tea made with citron fruit and honey that is packed with vitamin C and is used as a common cold remedy. It contains no caffeine so you can drink plenty hot or cold anytime of the day.


3. What are your favorite K-beauty products that are available in Gwinnett?

The K-beauty trend is leading the industry, and the beauty of buying cosmetics in Gwinnett is getting to try them on yourself, asking questions to the brand representatives, and getting many free samples. 

The Cushion Cover Foundation adds a bright and healthy glow to the skin through application with an air sponge. It feels so light you can hardly believe that you are wearing it. A Sleeping Mask is an overnight moisture-recharging gel mask that you rinse off in the morning for more radiant and refreshed skin. Also, sheet masks are great for a quick yet effective refreshment for your facial skin.


4. Which treatment would you recommend to someone visiting Jeju Sauna?

If I am at a sauna, I am sure to request a full-body scrub. Make sure you steam or soak your body in a wet sauna or in warm water for at least 20 minutes prior to prepare your skin to be properly exfoliated. During this service, every inch of your skin will be scrubbed, and you will leave with softer skin than you ever could imagine.


5. What’s your favorite late-night Karaoke stop?

If you see me at the karaoke, it's usually for a community event after party, for networking, or for celebrations. I can always start the singing so that everyone else can ease in into the fun. DoReMi in the Super H-Mart shopping center has large rooms for everyone to enjoy food and entertainment. AGIT near Gwinnett Place Mall has smaller rooms, and an even greater food selection.  


6. Why do you love Gwinnett?

Gwinnett is where all types of people can live, work and play. I like the different cities and the unique downtowns blended with state of the art suburban developments that have many options. The county has something for everyone, and it really is a one stop shop for culture, experiences, and various communities.

If you haven't had a chance to join us on a Seoul of the South™ Food Tour, we hope you'll hop on soon. Keep on eye out for next year's dates!