There’s a reason we call it “The Seoul of the South.” Gwinnett County is home to a constantly growing Korean community. A recent article said it best… 

“The city used to have only a smattering of churches, shops, and infrastructure geared toward Korean residents. Now, signs in Korean announce storefront after storefront of restaurants, law offices, grocery stores, banks, travel agencies, and bookstores. In May (2019), K-pop group BLACKPINK performed at an arena in town. Korean newspapers Chosun Daily News and Korea Daily are published in Duluth, with a third paper, the Korea Times, published in the nearby city of Lawrenceville.” (Curbed, 2019)



There’s no doubt about the authenticity of the cultural elements offered in our local K-town. We also know it can be daunting to figure out exactly where to start. Here we offer some tips for exploring Gwinnett’s Korean scene on a budget.

  1. Korean cuisine is top-notch, and it’s not all just Korean BBQ. Local menus include intriguing seafood snacks, a plethora of banchan (side dishes), and other novel meals. International markets are the perfect place to get a taste of traditional fare. Visit Super H Mart or Mega Mart in Duluth to start your tasting trip. Taste samples of various dishes; they won’t cost you, but we hope you’ll be inspired to purchase a few things to take home. 

  2. Korean skincare has saturated the states and Gwinnett is your one-stop-spot for all the masks, tools, and makeup you need to complete your routine. International markets offer expansive makeup and beauty sections. You can also visit stand-alone stores, like Missy Cosmetics and Aritaum. A pack of masks can cost you less than $10, and plenty of inexpensive products are available. 

  3. After sampling at the markets, you’re ready to sit down at one of Gwinnett’s many Korean restaurants. Dan Moo Ji is the best place to begin with the basics. Order Korean rice rolls, kimchi, spicy fried rice cake skewers, and Dduk Bbok Ki (rice cakes and vegetables simmered in a spicy sauce). These menu items will set you back less than $10 separately.

  4. Teso Life in Duluth is an Asian lifestyle retail haven. Toys and claw machines greet you as you enter, and throughout the store, you’ll find cosmetics and beauty products, groceries, and countless home goods. You can certainly snag a few snacks and other goods here affordably. 

  5. Local Korean bakeries are another destination where you can delve into genuine dishes without spending all your dough. Order red bean bread or a mocha bun for less than $5 at Soon's Bakery. Visit Mozart Bakery (multiple Gwinnett locations) for specialty coffees, boba teas, and other baked goods, including homemade moon pies. 

There is so much local Korean culture and cuisine to explore in Gwinnett; we hope this will get you started. 

Attend one of our guided Seoul of the South Food Tours to further immerse yourself in the local scene.