We love Lilburn, and you will too. They've got fun parks, exciting events and delectable restaurants, including one in a double decker bus. Brian Burchik, Lilburn Downtown Development Authority's Main Street manager, shares his favorite things about this city in our latest City Series installment.


1. Describe your city in one word.

Family (Although we also love to say “Lilburn is Hip”).


2. Tell me about any new developments that are happening.

Our downtown district is currently experiencing unparalleled growth, including a high end Townhome development, mixed use projects on Main Street for new retail and restaurants, and a 55+ active adult community across from City Hall and the Library. There are also more proposed townhomes and commercial spaces near Highway 29 near City Hall and the Library.


3. What upcoming events are you most excited about and why?

I’m really excited about a number of events in Downtown Lilburn throughout the month of October, including the 46th annual Lilburn Daze Arts Festival (Oct. 12th), Toy Story 4 Movie Night at Lilburn Park (Oct. 19th), Downtown Lilburn 5K & Fun Run (Oct. 26th), and the Lil’ Beer Fest hosted by 1910 Public House (Oct. 26th).


4. What’s your favorite event and why?

There are so many great events throughout the year, but I would probably have to say the Christmas Parade (Dec. 7th) because it’s really nostalgic during the holiday season. We also have a large tree lighting (Nov. 23) with a number of community groups performing music and entertainment. Lilburn is a great place to be during the holidays.


5. What must-try restaurants should visitors know about?

If you’re in Lilburn, you have to visit 1910 Public House or our double decker bus restaurant Agavero Cantina Parkside. Both are walkable to the City Park and within our hospitality zone, so you can carry a drink to the park if you’d like. 


6. What are some unique outdoor/recreation experiences people can participate in?

Lilburn City Park is incredible! There is a new, top-of-the-line children’s playground, a large, flat green space, and over four miles of greenway trails. If you love to walk, run, bike, “pokémon”, or geocache, you definitely want to spend time at our park!


7. Where’s your favorite place to shop in the city?

I love Antiques in Old Town, which was named “One of the Best Antique Stores in Gwinnett.” For those expert and aspiring gardeners and “birders,” I’d definitely recommend The Garden Enthusiast as a great place to shop as well.


8. What’s something people might not know about your city?

There was a fire that devastated Downtown Lilburn in the early morning of November 15, 1920. The entire business section of downtown was destroyed, with the exception of two stores. It was only the heroic work of the volunteer bucket brigade that saved the residential area of town. Today, we like to think of our engaged residents as a continuation of that original “bucket brigade,” contributing in many different ways to the flourishing of our city.

There you have it—Lilburn IS hip! Be sure to keep and eye on our calendar of events so you don't miss a thing.

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