Did you know over 50% of the families that hold reunions have them every year or every other year? And, most family reunions have at least three or four generations attending. Interestingly enough, 15.80% of all reunions include five generations (that's a whole lotta family).

Spending time with family is important. You can learn a lot from your relatives, both young and old. And, most importantly, you can make some awesome memories.

Planning a family reunion may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be! Check out these five quick tips for planning your next reunoin.

1. Use your family. Don't plan your reunion alone. After all, it's for your whole family! Recruit other members to help you, and delegate tasks accordingly.

2. Timing is everything. Not only is the time of year you plan your reunion important, but the timing of various planning steps are essential, too. View our Family Reunion Planning workbook so you can stay on track.

3. Save yourself a buck. There are so many free and cheap online resources. For instance, evite.com, a free RSVP service. Another money-saving tip; make your own decorations! If you're not feeling too crafty, ask a fellow family member who is (remember, delegate!).

4. Location is everything. Where you host your reunion certainly has an impact on the overall success. You'll need to consider time of year, as well as the type of activities you and your family like to do. This event facilities page is a great resource for Gwinnett reunions.

5. Document your memories. Once all the family fun is over, it's great to be able to look back . Consider a DIY photo booth, which will keep one family member from being in charge of taking pictures all weekend. When you incorporate different props and costumes, it's also just a lot of fun.

Did you know that the Gwinnett Public Library offers access to Ancestry.com? Until recently, you had to physically visit a GCPL branch to have free access. Now, you can access this powerful genealogical database online via gwinnettpl.org.  

There are so many ways you can make your reunion unique and fun for the whole family. Check out our Pinterest board for more inspiration!

Want to learn more? Join us for our next free Family Reunion Planning Workshop. Contact Maurice Odoms (770-814-6059) for details and information about discounted hotel room blocks.