If you like to stretch your legs, check out some of Gwinnett's best local trails. There are many different parks with great trails to walk, run, or bike on.


George Pierce Park

Part of the Ivy Creek Greenway, you'll find a great 2.5 mile walking trail at George Pierce Park. If you're up for a longer walk or run, this path also connects to the Suwanee Greenway.


Harbins Park

If you like mountain biking, you'll find 13 miles of trail here. Harbins Park also has 7 miles of equestrian trails and 4.5 miles of hiking trails.


Little Mulberry Park

At Little Mulberry Park you'll find 15 miles of paved and non paved trails for multi-use, including 3.6 for hiking and 5.7 for equestrian.


McDaniel Farm Park

If you're looking for a scenic walk, this is the place to be. McDaniel Farm Park offers 3 miles of paved multi-purpose and soft surface trails. A farm-themed playground was recently added so this park gets extra points for families looking to walk/run with stroller-age kids.


Pinckneyville Park

Along with its many other awesome amenities, Pinckneyville Park offers 2.4 miles of paved, multi-purpose trails.


Rhodes Jordan Park

Warm up for a game of tennis with a 1.9 mile walk or run on the paved multi-purpose trails at Rhodes Jordan Park.


Rock Springs Park

Take a solid 2 mile stroll through Rock Springs Park, which clocks in at 113-acres.


Tribble Mill Park

Not only can you catch some good trails at Tribble Mill Park, but you can also catch fish. With 3.4 miles of multi-purpose trail, soft surface trails for equestrian and biking and a Cross Country Course, this park has got it all.


Settles Bridge Park

Walk along the Chattahoochee River and see this bridge that was built in 1896. Settles Bridge Park offers 4.5 miles of trail.


Simpsonwood Park

Enjoy the scenery of a meadow as you walk or run the 3.1 miles of trails at Simpsonwood Park.


Suwanee Creek Greenway

This hard-surface, multipurpose trail is perfect for walkers and bikers alike. The Suwanee Creek Greenway trail meanders through four miles of wooded areas, wetlands, and wildlife habitat.


Yellow River Park

If you're looking for something a little more challenging, Yellow River Park offers 12 miles of soft surface trail for equestrian, biking and hiking.

Of course, there are so many more parks than what's listed here. I hope you'll get out and enjoy a few of them. Be sure to check the Gwinnett County Parks and Rec page for closures and up to date information.


What's happening at our local trails