"No thanks. Pizza is gross," said no one ever.

Let's be honest—you don't come across a lot of people who don't like pizza. And if you do, we suggest you head in the other direction. Gwinnett's got more than a few places to grab a slice or two and we've rounded up a list of our favorites.

1. Two Cities Pizza Company

Put an end to the debate about who has the best pizza by enjoying both New York style and Chicago style pizza under one roof at Two Cities Pizza! Chow down on your slices while enjoying a beer on the rooftop deck and be sure to check out the photo-worthy NY subway themed restrooms. With pizza names like Miss Brooklyn, Wrigley Pie, Gotham Gangster and Thyme Square you can't go wrong. 

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2. Nancy's Pizzeria

Ready for pizza so deep you need a fork to eat it?? I thought so. Head straight to Nancy's Pizzeria in Lawrenceville. If spinach and mushrooms are your thing, go with the Nana's Special. If you're feeling more carnivorous try the "A Lot A Meat" to get your fill of bacon, Italian sausage, pepperoni and Canadian bacon. 


3. Pizza Man

One quick look through their Facebook reviews, and you'll understand why Pizza Man is on our list. Folks love the New York style pizza, the customer service and the prices.


4. Suwanee Chicken & Pizza

Want something really different? Try Korean-style pizza at Suwanee Chicken & Pizza. You'll find slices topped with bulgogi, a traditional marinated Korean-style beef. Another popular topping is Asian sweet potato purée, available as a topping and stuffed into the crust.


5. O4W Pizza

At O4W, you can expect a range of toppings, as well as a range of types of pizza. They've got classic round, Grandma (square cut), Sicilian and wood fired. The award-winning Grandma Pie is their signature, and it is truly delicious.

6. Mellow Mushroom

This joint is another fan favorite. Nestled in Suwanee Town Center just steps from the lawn, Mellow Mushroom you can build-your-own pizza or try the Funky Q. Chicken or the Holy Shiitake Pie! Grab a to-go pizza and enjoy one of Suwanee's award-winning events.

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7. Fratelli's Pizza

This true Italian eatery will provide you with deliziosa pizza. Create your own or try a specialty like bake ziti or eggplant pizza. You can't go wrong at Fratelli's


8. Cosmo's Pizza + Social

Thick, juicy slices of Sicilian pizza are calling you to downtown Lawrenceville. Buy the whole pie or purchase by the slice at Cosmos!


9. 2Nyers Pizza

If the name 2NYers Pizza doesn't give it away, then the pizza will. New York style pizza right here in Duluth, made with fresh local ingredients that will make you feel like you are in Times Square. 


10. Stone Creek Pizza

Try the build your own pizza for a truly local taste of Lilburn, GA at Stone Creek Pizza. They also have a great selection of specialty pizzas to choose from as well. 

There's a lot of ground to cover in Gwinnett, and there's a lot more pizza out there, but this should help you get started.