It's tea time.

There are so many shops where you can try boba tea (or bubble tea) in Gwinnett. Looking for a beverage with a tasty twist? Here are 10 spots to get you started. 


1. Tiger Sugar (Duluth)

Tiger Sugar offers some of the best brown sugar boba around. They offer mini pearls, regular boba, and coffee jelly.


2. Boba Mocha (Duluth)

This is the perfect spot to sip, snack, and socialize. Boba Mocha offers a variety of boba tea flavors, as well as small snacks.  


3. Kung Fu Tea (Duluth)

Grab a classic tea, punch, or milk tea at Kung Fu Tea. Try a slush—classic tea blended with ice, for a refreshing treat. 


4. Unbelibubble Tea House (Duluth)

Flavors at this tea house are truly unbelievable. Try the ube (purple yam) ice blended, black milk tea with boba, and thai milk tea with lychee jelly.  


5. 2 Plus 2 (Suwanee)

Tea tastes great with a treat. Order the rose milk tea and baby boong an bang—a fish-shaped pastry with various filling options. 


6. Modern Tea Shop (Suwanee)

Options seem endless at Modern Tea Shop. Jasmine, hazelnut, and pudding milk teas are just a few choices on this abundant menu. 


7. Peachy Corners Cafe (Peachtree Corners)

You can grab a milk or fruit-based boba tea at Peachy Corners. Or try a specialty drink, like the ube (purple yam) sakura (cherry blossom) milk tea. 


8. Empanada House (Duluth)

Order an empanada then grab a tea with your choice of flavor and topping, which include tapioca, crystal boba, popping, or jelly. 


9. Pearl's Tea (Lawrenceville and Suwanee)

Popular items at Pear's include the classic brown sugar boba milk tea, strawberry matcha, and grapefruit jasmine tea.


10. Tan-Cha Tea House (Buford)

This traditional tea house uses only real fruit and tea for the freshest flavors and most traditional taste. Choose from milk teas, cocoa drinks or fresh fruit tea and top it off with puff cream, tiramisu, or cheese foam. 


Boba Tea