Seoul of the South

Enjoy an authentic Korean experience right here in Georgia.

Gwinnett County, or Seoul of the South as we affectionately call it, has the South's largest Korean population. Kimchee chefs, amazing international food courts, traditional Korean bathhouses and karaoke joints line the main corridor, Pleasant Hill Road, in Duluth. Local international markets feature thousands of unique food and home items, many with an Asian Flair. 

Due to the growing Korean population in Gwinnett, our area has experienced an influx of Korean businesses and restaurants. Our county is home to authentic Korean BBQ joints, restaurants with genuine Korean snacks, Korean-American fusion restaurants and more. Explore Gwinnett hosts the often sold out "Seoul of the South" Korean Food Tours in an effort to immerse locals and visitors in the true Korean culture. Although tours are typically sold out, we can offer guided tours and high resolution images to journalists on assignment.

Gas South Arena, a 13,000-seat concert venue, has even begun hosting national tourism K-Pop acts like BlackPink and Ateez.

Explore Gwinnett has a Korean speaking staff member and tour guide, Sarah Park, who can assist with information and facilitate interviews.

Seoul of the South Korean Food Tour