Frequently Asked Questions

There's No Such Thing as a Dumb Question.

Especially when it comes to food.

Should I tip?

Yes! Please tip your server, they are working extra hard with less help. We also encourage you to order sides, appetizers, and drinks to go along with your burger.

Will there be voting?

Yes! We are excited to bring a voting component back this year. Patrons will be able to go online and vote for the best burger that will be crowned Best Burger of Gwinnett Burger Week for 2024.. Please remember to save your receipt or snap a picture, that is how you will cast your vote!

What is Gwinnett Burger Week?

Gwinnett Burger Week was created by Explore Gwinnett as an opportunity to showcase some of the great culinary options we have in Gwinnett. For 7 days in March each year local chefs create a custom burger that is available for only one week at $10. 

When is it?

Gwinnett Burger Week will take place March 18-24, 2024.

How does it work?

Each restaurant has hand-selected a special burger to offer that week only for $10 (+ tax and gratuity). This allows the restaurants to explore new recipes and come up with something unique. 

How do I take part in Gwinnett Burger Week?

No passes, tickets, or coupons are required. Simply show up at one of the participating restaurants, and enjoy!

Which restaurants are involved?

Check them out here.

Are the burgers available for lunch and dinner?

Yes. Yes, they are. Please check each restaurant's specific hours before you go and any exclusions will be listed on the restaurant's page.

Are substitutions allowed?

Each chef has planned a burger recipe that they think will blow you Sorry, no substitutions for the Burger Week promotion. 

Can I order the Burger Week burger to-go?

No, DINE-IN only. Enjoy a sit-down meal and relax with your special burger at each of our wonderful restaurants. No third-party delivery is allowed. 

What is the Gwinnett Burger Week Pass?

This is a mobile pass that allows you to earn points by eating burgers. The more burgers you eat, the more prizes you will get. Just check in at each restaurant while you are there, that's all! You can find all the information you need here. If you have any issues with your pass email 

As a reminder: The whole world is short-staffed right now. Please be kind to those who showed up. Tip generously