A plane ticket to Korea is pricey. If you're interested in immersing yourself in Korean culture, spend a day in Gwinnett's local Korean community.

1. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so we suggest you start at one Gwinnett's Korean bakeries, like Paris Baguette or Treestory Bakery & Cafe. Grab a sweet or savory pastry along with a freshly brewed ADAGIO iced coffee or matcha tea.

2. Once you've had your fill of breakfast, head over to Jeju Sauna where you can exercise, receive a variety of spa treatments, or relax in a number of mineral saunas (each with different healing properties). Try a Korean Demadi (a full body cleanse and scrub)—you'll come out feeling baby smooth.

3. It's time for lunch. All that relaxing will have you working up an appetite. For a delicious, traditional, home-cooked-style meal, stop by Jang Su Jang. The Gopchang Soon (soft) Tofu Soup, which includes beef tripe, is a must.

4. Next, you'll want to grab a few essentials. At Super H Mart, you'll find Korean snacks, beer and beauty products. A pack of moisturizing face masks should certainly be on your list. Grab some extremely fresh seafood and produce. Visit the home products section for rice cookers, kitchen utensils and other home goods.

5. The dinner bell is ringing, and Korean BBQ is the place to be. Get your fill of all-you-can-eat options at many places, including K Factory, and 9292. The list goes on and on. Order some Soju (a Korean variation of vodka) for the table. 

6. After dinner, head out to Korean karaoke at Do Re Mi. They're playing all the hits in your private Karaoke room. Order late night snacks and beverages, and sing your heart out until the wee morning hours.

You can also hop on one of our Seoul of the South™ food tours to learn more about the local Korean culture and cuisine.