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​Why Your Next Cup of Joe Should Come from Coffee Coco

It's a new year. So, why not try something new?

Happy New Year, everyone! As 2017 kicks off, there is a rush of new businesses opening around Gwinnett. So, in the spirit of all things new, we'd like to recommend some places that you should try to start off your year.

Our first recommendation is for all the coffee lovers out there. Coffee Coco, a coffee shop in an artistic space, recently opened in Suwanee off of Old Peachtree Road. While there have been many coffee shops opening around Gwinnett, Coffee Coco brings a creative flair thanks to its artist owner. This cute café boasts original artwork on the walls, and it is sure to become a favorite spot once you taste their house specialties.

The menu is simple with a range of high-quality coffee drinks, handmade sodas, and desserts. What sets this place apart is the attention to detail and quality. A self-admitted coffee snob, the owner has selected some of the finest beans available anywhere in metro Atlanta and prepares espresso, hand drip, and dutch coffee options.

After tasting the Ethiopian Yirgaheffe dutch iced coffee, we were blown away by the taste and mouth feel of the brew. It’s definitely not something you'll find at other coffee houses. We also tried the mojito inspired handmade soda, which was refreshing and delicious. We topped it all off with the chocolate and banana waffle, and it tastes as amazing as it sounds.

Make no mistake if you are in the mood for a serious cup of coffee, this cafe serves a variety of high-end beans prepared expertly by the staff. If you are in the mood to try a new and different type of coffeehouse, swing by and try Coffee Coco or purchase their pre-bottled cold pressed coffee to enjoy on the go. You will definitely not regret the trip.

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