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​Where to Find Mouthwatering Macarons in Gwinnett

Life's short. Eat macarons.

Gwinnett has a lot of great food. From authentic Asian to southern favorites, you can really find anything you want. Gwinnett's also got a lot of great desserts—more specifically, macarons.

Now, keep in mind, there are two desserts out there that sound very similar. A macaroon is a type of small circular cake, typically made from ground almonds, coconut and/or other nuts, with sugar, egg white, and sometimes flavorings. Macarons are a sweet meringue-based cookie made with egg white, icing sugar, granulated sugar, almond powder or ground almond and food coloring.

They're both amazing, but today, I'm talking about macarons and nine places you can get them in Gwinnett.

1. Mac Lab Bakery. You may recognize this name, as Mac Lab recently rose to fame with the unicorn macaron (pictured below). As the name suggests, the owners are always experimenting, so you'll find tons of flavors and designs.

2. Cafe Mango Six. At this dessert and coffee shop, you'll find unique flavors, like mango white chocolate and pistachio.

3. Sweet Hut Bakery & Cafe. You can find so many sweet and savory treats in the cases at Sweet Hut. Of course, I suggest grabbing a matcha macaron or two while you're there. Other flavors include salted caramel, blueberry and more.

4. Mozart Bakery & Cafe. This establishment offers some intricate flavor options, like maple macaroons with chocolate candied pecan buttercream.

5. Hansel & Gretel Bakery Cafe. It's easy enough to get individual macarons, but at Hansel & Gretel, you can get a cake literally covered in them.

6. Georgia French Bakery. After a nice, light lunch, enjoy macarons from a French chef. Can it get any better?

7. Paris Baguette. Originally a popular chain in South Korea, this bakery and cafe has expanded into the states, and is offering up a taste of France.

8. Tree Story Bakery & Cafe. Similar to most things from Tree Story, you'll find their macarons exquisite and expertly packaged if you're looking for a unique gift.

9. White Windmill. When you need a little pick-me-up, grab a fresh cup of coffee and a perfectly baked macaron.

I hope you'll find yourself at one of these delicious eateries soon! Where's your favorite Gwinnett spot to grab a macaron? Who am I kidding—some macarons, becuase no one just eats one.

Post by Jessica Whittingslow

Self-proclaimed foodie and adventurer, Jessica loves to explore Gwinnett and all the great dining, shopping, activities and events the area has to offer. When she's not telling you guys what dishes to try or where to be, she's reading, spending time outdoors or catching up on the latest Netflix original series (who else loved Stranger Things??). She's got an Australian Shepherd that's basically her child and a husband, who always comes second to the dog (sorry, not sorry).

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