What's Going Down Around Town

​What's Going Down Around Town?

On Wednesdays we plan our weekend.

We hope you're keeping your plans in Gwinnett. If you're looking to get active, listen to live music or catch a sporting event, Gwinnett's definitely got something for you.

Get outdoors. Join the Environmental & Heritage Center for a Winter Night Trek. During this brisk night hike, you'll look for wildlife and peak through the trees to see various constellations and planets.

Jam out. If you head to 37 Main in Buford this weekend, you'll see Departure: The Journey Tribute Band. These guys play about 100 shows a year, and bring you the best of Journey.

Get in the game. Cheer on the Atlanta Gladiators as they take on the Adirondack Thunder. Saturday, February 18 is Star Wars Night!

Want to see what else you can do this weekend?

Plan your weekend in Gwinnett. And, have fun!

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