What's Going Down Around Town

​What's Going Down Around Town?

Friends in town? Had a long week? We're here to tell you all the fun things to do in Gwinnett!

We love the weekend, and we bet you do to. If you're looking for something to do, we've got you covered.

Veterans Day (November 11) pays tribute to all American veterans and gives thanks to those who served their country honorably during war or peacetime. There are so many ways to observe this day in Gwinnett.

If you're looking for entertainment, there are a lot of options. Check out Chaos in the Fairy Tale Forest at New Dawn Theater. Have a laugh with Donnell Rawlings at Atlanta Comedy Theater. See Hollywood U2 with Kick at 37 Main.

Want to get outside or exercise? Participate in a 5K, head over to Treetop Quest, explore Stone Mountain or give Adrenaline Climbing a try—there are a number of ways to get active.

Get out and about, and have a great time!

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