What's Going Down Around Town

​What's Going Down Around Town?

Wednesday, Thursday, WEEKEND!

We love the weekend, and that's in big part due to the fact that there are so many events that take place in Gwinnett! Whether you're artsy, outdoorsy, hungry or any other adjective you can think of, we're sure there's an activity for you to partake in this weekend (and every weekend).

Check out Aurora Comedy Nights featuring Michael Albanese. Enjoy a corn maze, hay rides and more at Corn Dawgs in Loganville. See DEPARTURE: The Journey Tribute Band at 37 Main. Try some vino at Suwanee Wine Fest. See the Atlanta Gladiators play the Orlando Solar Bears.

Like we said, Gwinnett's got theater, sports, attractions, festivals and more. So, get out there and enjoy the weekend!

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