Wedding Venues Under $2,000

In 2017, The Knot reported that couples spent an average of $13,970.00 on venue rentals in the metro Atlanta. Let's be honest, not all of us have the type of budget. And, we don't want you feeling like this while you're going through the wedding process...


We have some good news—there are several venues in Gwinnett that you can rent at a fraction of the cost.

1. Little Lake Venues

 Prices begin at just $1,640 for a four hour rental at Little Lake Venues.


2. Gwinnett Historic Courthouse

Weekday rates begin at $130 per hour (two hour minimum rental), and weekend rental is $1,520 flat rate for eight hour rental at Gwinnett Historic Courthouse.


3. George Pierce Community Center

This venue is $115 per hour with a two hour minimum required.


4. Norcross Cultural Arts Center

With this venue, you'll pay $75 with a two hour minimum rental, and just $50 per hour after.


5. Pinckneyville Community Center

For $200 an hour (two hour minimum required), you'll get access to the Community Room, Atrium, Gallery Hall and Garden at Pinckneyville Community Center.


6. Hudgens Center for the Arts

This venue sits on the property of the Infinite Energy Center, and has a fee of $1,500. Note that Proof of the Pudding is the exclusive catering company for the property.


7. Infinite Energy Forum.

The Pearl Party Package includes seating for 200 and costs $2,000.00. You can also choose the Silver Party Package (seating for 100) at $1,000.00. Proof of the Pudding is also the exclusive catering company for this property.


8. Lawrenceville Female Seminary and Preservation Lawn

This venue rental begins at $225 per hour with a four hour minimum requirement.


9. Issac Adair House and Preservation Lawn

Rental begins at $225 per hour with a four hour minimum requirement for this venue.


10. Buford Community Center

You'll get this venue for a full day at $2,000. The Center only hosts weddings on Fridays and Sundays.


11. The Chapel at Simpsonwood Park

Tucked into a beautifully preserved woodland area, this quaint chapel could be perfect for you. Rentals start at $100 per hour, with a two hour minimum.


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