The Seoul of the South

Traditional mother's recipe, Jang Su Jang

어머니 손맛을 그대로 전하는 한식당

Over the past year, I have focused most of my attention on popular Korean food trends and well-known dishes including KBBQ, Korean fried chicken, snack foods and desserts. While these dishes are very popular particularly among younger diners, Duluth is also home to several outstanding establishments that focus on traditional Korean dishes and family-style​ meals. These meals consist mostly of fish and vegetables resulting in lighter, healthy meals that are known for their health benefits as well as their deliciousness.

Perhaps one of the best known restaurants for traditional Korean fare is Jang Su Jang. You won't find any table side grills here. The menu takes you through a greatest hits list of many home style favorites including nokdoo jun, a mungbean based pancake. Also, popular are casserole style dishes meant to be shared as a family. Galbi jjim is a slow braised short rib with dates, chestnuts and a delectable sauce. If you are in the mood for some meat, then you should try bossam. This dish was popularized by celebrity chef, David Chang, in NYC. Slow cooked pork belly is paired with a variety of kimchi and pickled vegetable wraps.

One visit to Jang Su Jang, and you will have a better understanding of traditional Korean cuisine. Many people do not realize that Koreans do not eat BBQ regularly. It is usually reserved for special occasions and family events. For many Koreans, Jang Su Jang offers the type of comfort food prepared by grandmothers and mothers. The next time you are in Gwinnett and feel like trying some new family style dishes be sure to stop into Jang Su Jang. You are guaranteed to leave full and satisfied.