The Seoul of the South

The Original Honey Pig

애틀랜타 원조 바베큐 전문점

​As you know, Korean food is very trendy these days, and there is nothing more popular than all you can eat (AYCE) Korean BBQ. Gwinnett certainly has it's fair share of Korean BBQ places, but perhaps none is as well known as Honey Pig in Duluth.

As one of the original AYCE Korean BBQ restaurants in the area, Honey Pig boasts a great menu with a variety of meats and sauces for every diner. What sets this place apart from others is the way of grilling the meat. Honey Pig is known for is cast iron pot tops which are placed over flames to achieve a perfect cooking surface, not only for meat but the copious amount of kimchi and bean sprouts that accompany the meats.

Additionally, Honey Pig is known for its unique flavors, particularly for pork belly. Some of the more popular offerings include dwenjang (Korean soybean paste), wine, curry, and garlic. The pork belly comes pre-seasoned and ready for the grill often with no need for additional seasoning or sauces.

With simple, industrial concept for its decor, Honey Pig remains a staple on the Korean BBQ scene in Gwinnett. Definitely swing by and try some of their great offerings, but be sure to get there early in the evenings and weekends as lines can sometimes be over an hour wait.