The Seoul of the South

This cold weather calls for Shabu-Shabu

날씨가 오락가락 할땐 입안에서 샤부샤부

​With a chill in the air, winter has definitely arrived in Georgia. On cold days there is nothing better than sitting at home in front of your fireplace with a hot bowl of soup and a good book. If you are feeling up to a new dining experience guaranteed to warm you up in an instant, you should try visiting one of the hot pot restaurants also know as shabu shabu around Gwinnett.

One the the original and perhaps best known places is Gom Shabu Shabu with locations in Gwinnett Place as well as Suwanee. To order your meal, you simply select from the list of available proteins which include beef, chicken, and a variety of seafood. Each customer receives his or her own personal pot of broth and a wide variety of vegetables and accompaniments to be cooked in the hot pot. The term shabu shabu refers to the swishing action of cooking the items yourself much as you would with fondue. After you have finished all of the meat and vegetables, the meal ends with a choice of handmade noodles or rice porridge made some the enriched broth.

Shabu Shabu is a great option for a social gathering, and it provides a setting and time to comfortably chat with your party. It is also a terrific date night option as you and your partner snuggle into one of the private booths to enjoy your meal. Also, with its emphasis on fresh ingredients, shabu shabu provides a hearty and healthy option guaranteed to warm you up on even the coldest of days.