The Seoul of the South

We Want to say Thank You to Thank U Chicken

​By now you may have jokingly heard that the real KFC is Korean fried chicken.

That certainly holds true for the Gwinnett Place area. Several new offerings have popped up in the past year, and Thank U Chicken is a welcome addition, offering something a little different.

First, the chicken and fried potato slices that accompany the dish are terrific. The sweet and spicy sauce is great and not too spicy for those with sensitive palates. Thank U Chicken is known for their serving size so one order is plenty for a party of two, unless you're really hungry. They also offer cubed pickled radish and a small salad with ginger dressing as sides. If you're looking for something a bit more substantial to go with your chicken, the kimchi fried rice is terrific.

The interior has a more contemporary feel, like a sports bar or lounge rather than just a restaurant. The walls are adorned with TVs which play the ubiquitous K-Pop music videos (that seem to be present everywhere), as well as sports channels.

Thank U Chicken also offers beverage selections from a bar that carries more than the usual beer you can find at most Korean chicken places.

Perhaps the best part of the meal is at the end when the check arrives. Prices are very reasonable, and if you're not drinking then you and your party can definitely enjoy some tasty chicken and leave without putting a dent in your wallet. I will definitely be back to Thank U Chicken to try some other offerings in the very near future.

Post by Sarah Park, native Korean and lover of food