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I could give up shopping, but I'm not a quitter.

If you've been to downtown Duluth lately, you've noticed lots of amazing changes. One of the newest additions is Parson's Alley, and I couldn't be more in love with one of their first tenants.

Personify Shop, which opened in early 2017, "specializes in carrying a variety of women's clothing, lifestyle accessories, home goods and gifts. [Their] passion is to find extraordinary products so you can fill your life with quality goods that you can love for a lifetime."

When I first walked in, I almost forgot I was there to collect content for a blog post. I headed straight for the Rifle Paper Co. planners and the beautiful array of S'well bottles. Then, I ran into Maddie, and remembered why I was actually there.

Maddie Morden and her mom, Tammy Lopez, founded Personify in 2014 when they opened up shop in the mountain and lake resort area of Lakemont, Georgia near Lake Rabun.

"We focus on hand-made, whimsical, artist-driven pieces," Maddie explained. "We love working as a team. The store sort of represents a marriage between our styles, and it's awesome to have a business partner you can trust and collaborate with."

"We go to great lengths to find unique pieces for our customers." @cityofduluth

The store is a wonderful hodgepodge of eye-catching products. They've got everything from clothes to coffee cups and planners to children's toys. I asked Maddie how they curate all these pieces.

"Finding stuff for the store is my favorite part," Maddie said. "I typically use Pinterest and Instagram to look for new and unique things for the store. It doesn't matter how many followers someone has. If we like it, we reach out."

For clothes, Maddie and her mom attend a variety of buying shows to stock the floor.

With so much great stuff in the store, I had to know if Maddie had any favorites.

"I really like a lot of our pottery. The yellow handmade mug by Alexandria Cummings is a favorite of mine," Maddie pointed out.

If you're looking for a gift for yourself or someone else, check out Personify Shop. "We go to great lengths to find unique pieces for our customers, and we get in new things daily and weekly, so be sure to stop by!"

Post by Jessica Whittingslow

Self-proclaimed foodie and adventurer, Jessica loves to explore Gwinnett and all the great dining, shopping, activities and events the area has to offer. When she's not telling you guys what dishes to try or where to be, she's reading, spending time outdoors or catching up on the latest Netflix original series (who else loved Stranger Things??). She's got an Australian Shepherd that's basically her child and a husband, who always comes second to the dog (sorry, not sorry).

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