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New Year's Resolutions

It is time to begin another year, which means a fresh start.

They say it takes an average of 60 days to form a habit which means there is no time to waste starting your news years resolutions. January 1 kicks off 2021 and I think most of us could not be happier to leave all that happened in 2020 behind us. Thankfully, Gwinnett has everything you need to accomplish your resolutions. Whether you want to get fit, focus on self care, eat healthier or learn something new, there is a place for you. 

Get Fit

If you are looking to get fit, visit one of Gwinnett's 44+ public parks. Each park is unique and offers beautiful scenery. Most parks have trails for you to run, walk and bike on. The best part? It is completely free!

Check out our Guide to Gwinnett Parks which will help you decide which one is the best for you. 

Self Care

Did you know Gwinnett has its own Korean traditional bath house and spa? Jeju Sauna is located in Duluth and they offer all types of body masks and messages. You will leave feeling so refreshed. 

Eat Healthier

If you are wanting to try to be a vegan or vegetarian this year, check out our blog for all the options in Gwinnett. All of these restaurants are also healthier alternatives. 

Save Money

If your new years resolution is to save money, you need to check out the Deals page on our website. We have coupons and offers from businesses all over Gwinnett offering special deals. Be sure to check back regularly because we are always adding new ones. 

Learn something new

New Years resolutions don't have to be specifically physical, it is important to strengthen your mental skills as well. Gwinnett has 15 public libraries full of books on every topic possible. You will find whatever you need to learn something new. 

Maybe your goal is read more books, these libraries have the best and newest fiction and nonfiction books. 

If you are more of a visual learner then visiting museums will be more beneficial to you. Gwinnett has some of the coolest and most educational facilities. 

Check out our list of Educational Outings in Gwinnett.

Post by Clara Rooks

Clara lived in Dacula for 14 years before moving to Bethlehem with her husband and Goldendoodle, Sadie. She loves to get a book from the local library and take it to one of Gwinnett's many coffee spots. Outside of work you can find her fishing with her husband, getting smoothies or hanging out with family.