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It's National Chicken Month, and We've Got 6 Ways to Celebrate

Do chickens do "the people dance" at their weddings?

You read that right—it's National Chicken Month! And, according to the National Chicken Council, for over two decades, all of the major chicken producers in the U.S. have banded together to promote chicken sales in September, turning a once slow month, as the summer grilling season waned, into one of the year’s best performing sales periods.

Chicken dishes come in all shapes and sizes. From fried chicken to chicken salad and grilled chicken sandwiches to Korean-inspired chicken, Gwinnett's got so many ways you can celebrate this delectable holiday.

1. Suwanee Chicken and Pizza

Korean Fried Chicken and beer is a pairing you'll be pining for. Try this delicious combo at Suwanee Chicken and Pizza.

2. Brunch Apothecary

Speaking of chicken and waffles, you've got to try the chicken and cinnamon churro waffle at Brunch Apothecary. The chicken is perfectly seasoned and crispy, and tastes amazing with a bit of waffle.

3. Strange Taco Bar

Strange Taco Bar is offering all kinds of unique tacos. Try the Nashville Hot with fried chicken, Nashville hot sauce and coleslaw.

Gwinnett's got so many ways you can celebrate #NationalChickenMonth.

4. Blue Rooster

Chicken salad is a great way to eat this delectable dish. Try Blue Rooster's original chicken salad sandwich on a croissant. You won't be able to resist picking a dessert from their amazing selection to finish off your meal.

5. Kurt's Euro Bistro

Head over to Kurt's Euro Bistro, and try their chicken scallopini milanaise. This dish consists of a breaded chicken breast cutlet with tomatoes, parsley and basil fettuccine.

6. Rockin' Crawfish

I know—this one may seem a little misleading, but Rockin' Crawfish has some of the best lemon pepper wings I've ever had.

Comment below, and let us know where you like to eat chicken in Gwinnett. Happy eating!


Post by Jessica Whittingslow

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