The Seoul of the South

Mapo Korean BBQ

When most people think of Korean BBQ, galbi, the marinated beef short ribs, is often a favorite among the variety of selections. In my opinion, there is no better place for this decadent treat than Mapo Korean BBQ near Gwinnett Place Mall. 

The house specialty is thier marinated beef short ribs, but they also offer a delicious pork option that is sure to be a hit with everyone in your party. The meat is accompanied by some of the best side dishes in the area, and all of these goodies are grilled over red hot charcoal adding a distinct smokiness to the food. 

Recently, Mapo has added an all-you-can-eat (AYCE) option that is offered during weekdays at the can't beat price of $11.99. This is a fantastic deal, as most entrees in other restaurants list at over $11.99. The AYCE is pricer on the weekends, but for those seeking to really satisfy their hunger pangs on a weeknight, you can't beat all you can eat meat for the price. Mapo also really stands out from other places as the quality does not drop substantially even while being such a great bargain.

The interior is humble and set up in true Korean galbi fashion as if transported back in time to my parent's favorite place back in Seoul. There are no frills, but the restaurant does boast several large screen TVs that make it the perfect spot to enjoy a variety of sports. The servers are very friendly and attentive especially when it comes to helping you cook the meat to its desired temperature. 

If after all of that meat, you still have some space, then Mapo also offers one of the best naengmyuns, cold buckwheat noodles, in metro Atlanta. This seemingly simplistic dish is the perfect end to a heavy meal offering a cleansing palate cleanser with some acidty to cut through all of the fat. Oddly, as simple as it seems, the dish is very difficult to execute, but Mapo does a wonderful job in getting as close to the real thing as their is in Georgia. Be sure to bring your appetites and take it easy on your wallets the next time you're in the area.