The Seoul of the South

Manna (Let's meet!)

만나 분식에서 만나

You have probably heard the term boon-shik, which refers to Korean snack foods. More accurately, it is the type of small and fast dishes that you are likely to find all over Korea in small shops or on the ever popular street carts. Boon-shik is widely popular especially to students and younger professionals due to affordability and quick service. It really is Korea's answer to America's fast food except that most boon-shik places are mom and pop operations rather than franchises run by large corporations.

One such mom and pop place is Manna in Duluth located in the small retail center in front of the Super H-Mart on Pleasant Hill Rd. Situated ideally beside Scissorhands Salon, Manna offers a variety of the most popular boon-shik including kimbop, a Korean style sushi roll, ddukbokki, which is the spicy rice cake dish with slices of fish cake, and bulgogi dupbop, which literally translates into beef over rice. Manna also has a verity of hot noodle soups including ramen and udon - perfect for a cold winter's day!

These boon-shik places are popping up all over Gwinnett, and they serve as the perfect alternative to traditional Korean dining options which are pricier and take much more time for a meal. If you are interested in taking some food to go, there are convenient combos that provide an opportunity to sample a few different snack foods. These combos are also great to be eaten on site if you have time, and they are a great way to share with a group. Like many Korean establishments, boon-shik provides a perfect atmosphere and dining options that are meant to be enjoyed by oneself or in a large crowd. Whether you are in a rush or looking for a place to grab a bite with some friends, be sure to put Manna on your list of great spots in Gwinnett!