The Seoul of the South

Manna Korean Restaurant

Manna, the widely popular snack food joint in Duluth, has opened a bigger, better location in Suwanee.  The restaurant specializes in popular street and snack foods such as topokki, the spicy rice cakes, and kimbap. The new location boasts a do-it-yourself topokki station that is the first of its kind in the metro area. Customers are free to add toppings and sauces according to their own preference. With so many selections on the menu, there is sure to be something for everyone in your party. 

The interior boasts a colorful motif identical to the Duluth location. It is simple, clean and fun. Manna sports a playful orange and green color scheme that is straight out of Myungdong in Seoul. Service has been excellent every time we stop in, and the highlight for all parents will be the children's area. Just drop your kids off in the small room, and let them play while you enjoy your meal in peace. You and guests can eat while still maintaining a view of the kids while dining. This really is a great addition for parents with small children.  

The dishes range from street snack foods to popular rice dishes for those wanting something more substantive. There are also some noodle options which are always popular with adults and kids alike. Prices are very affordable and the portion sizes are generous. Manna is a great place to grab a quick bite or to order take out for events and dining at home. Be sure to swing by and try it out!


Post by Sarah Park
Sarah Park is native to Korea, and she loves food. Community involvement is something Sarah is very passionate about.
She hosts a weekly segment on Atlanta Radio Korea informing the Korean community of local events and programs as well as new openings and hot spots for different types of cuisine.
Sarah serves on various advisory committees including the Korean Food Global Association Southeast and the Atlanta International Night Market. She also served with Atlanta Food Service Expo and has been recognized for her global food initiatives.
Currently a Gwinnett resident, Sarah is a true foodie who enjoys all types of cuisine and traveling to sample different tastes from regions around the world.