The Seoul of the South

Have you tried Korean fish cake yet?

대한민국 대표 브랜드 부산어묵 미국상륙!

There is a new late night spot on Old Peachtree Road in the Assi shopping plaza that specializes in delicacy fish cake called Busan Eomuk. This restaurant's specialty includes handmade Busan-style oh-mook made on premises or directly shipped from Korea. The Busan region is known for its seaside resorts and the their regional fish cakes are famous and very popular among locals and tourists. We are fortunate to be able to experience this treat right here in Gwinnett County.

This style of late night dining is very social as a party sits around a cauldron of steamy broth with a variety of skewered oh-mook simmering away. One casually grabs a skewer and enjoys the delicious treat usually with a nice cold beverage. There are other snacks available if fish is not your thing, but oh-mook is usually seasoned so that the fishy taste is unrecognizable. Another highlight of this dish is the warm, soothing broth that accompanies the fish cakes to wash down this treat.

With cooler weather in the air, stop by Busn Eomuk one evening and enjoy a nice hot oh-mook or two and enjoy the atmosphere and company. This type of dining is very popular through Asia, and particularly in Korea.