The Seoul of the South

Duluth Sweet Treats

한국의 음료

​So by now, you've had a chance to try numerous Korean businesses in Gwinnett. Aside from the endless number of BBQ restaurants and snack shops, there are a variety of coffee shops and bakeries with unique offerings for the casual or serious foodie.

One such destination is Arte in Duluth. This coffee shop specializes in a range of traditional cold and hot beverages and desserts. It differs from other bakeries and coffee shops as there is not buffet spread of pastries, cakes, and baked goods. Instead, what Arte specializes in is handmade teas such as yuja, an Asian ctiron drink. Other popular items include saenggang, a sweetend ginger tea, and misugaru, a healthy shake of mixed toasted grains. All of these offerings are available either hot or cold.

If you want to satisfy your sweet tooth while enjoying your beverage, Arte is known for their made to order desserts that include Asian-style waffles with toppings that range from fresh fruit to ice cream and a variety of sauces. The Asian waffle is more like a hot fudge sundae that uses a handmade waffle in place of a cone. Also popular are boong-uh bbang. This goldfish shaped pastries are filled with sweet red bean or custard and are sure to satisfy any cravings.

There are currently three locations around Gwinnett. Be sure to pop into one and try some of these delicious offerings.