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Have you ever found yourself enjoying a beverage at Exhibit A(le) or a meal at Local Republic and admiring a piece of art? Did you know you can probably purchase that art right then and there? This is all thanks to The Dizzy Gypsy's Local Art World Takeover initiative.

This not for profit working art gallery opened about two years ago in downtown Lawrenceville, and they're on a mission to provide a community forum for the arts.

"Lawrenceville is such an amazing, thriving community. We're surrounded by so many talented people," said Aura-Leigh Sanders, gallery directory of The Dizzy Gypsy. "We love working with the city and other local organizations to drive our mission."

You'll find all kinds of pieces at The Dizzy Gypsy—from modern-style paintings to hand-made jewelry. If you're thinking about holiday gifts, this is a great place to start. You can purchase art right in the gallery, and you'll also find it sprinkled throughout the community as part of the Local Art World Takeover. If you see a piece of art from The Dizzy Gypsy in a local store, you simply tell the store's proprietor you're interested, and scan the QR code on the tag. This takes you directly to the online store where you can purchase the art, and then take it home with you. Cool, right?

"@GaLawrenceville is such an amazing, thriving community." Discover #TheDizzyGypsy.

Local artists can get involved by submitting their artwork to The Dizzy Gypsy team for review. And, even if you're art isn't accepted, there are many other ways to be associated with the gallery. They're always looking for help running the gallery, as well as support for their events and workshop sessions. The team has big plans for the sessions in 2017.

"We've always done our paint and sip sessions, which we'll continue in 2017, but we're adding even more," Aura-Leigh explained. "We've had a lot of people ask about drawing classes, so that's something we'd like to incorporate. We're also discussing screen printing and some additional painting classes."

In addition to the art workshop sessions, they'll also be offering some more business-focused classes, such as social media marketing for arts and small businesses.

If you can believe it, the gallery also functions as a yoga studio! Right now, they offer sessions on Sunday and Monday. Namaste.

So, whether you're a yogi, an artist or an appreciator of the arts, stop by and check out The Dizzy Gypsy. Keep up with them on Facebook for updates and information.

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