The Seoul of the South

Chef Wong

Several weeks ago, we started exploring some of the more unconventional Korean dishes available around Gwinnett county. One of the most popular styles is a hybrid of Korean and Chinese cuisines that developed due to the history and proximity of the two nations in East Asia. What is Korean-Chinese cuisine you might ask? Perhaps the best representation is Chef Wong in the Gwinnett Place area. 

At first glance upon entering the restaurant, it may seem like any other Chinese family restaurant that you have been to before. Upon closer examination, you will find your menus in both Korean and Chinese, as well as an assortment of dishes that you will not see at other Chinese establishments. There are several extremely popular dishes that you can find on every block in Seoul, and these represent the most popular delivery food in Korea. The first is jajangmyun, a thick cut noodle that is smothered with a rich brown sauce with chopped meat and vegetables. The original jajangmyun from China has a different sauce than the Korean version, but this savory dish is hugely popular and is often considered one of Korea's true comfort dishes. 

Another national dish is jjamppong, a seafood noodle served in a fiery red soup that is both comforting and soothing to anyone who has had a long day. Both dishes are regularly ordered in Korea as a popular delivery option, and for those in Atlanta, Chef Wong provides great representations of both dishes. They are usually ordered together when dining in a group as everyone wants at least a taste of each when dining on Korean-Chinese.  

The most popular way to enjoy a full family style meal is to order boiled dumplings as an appetizer and enjoy with one more dish, usually a vegetable based entree. If you are in the area, be sure to check out Chef Wong. At lunch time, these popular items range from $5 to $7. After visiting Chef Wong's and getting my fix, I only wish they delivered like restaurants in Korea. Then it really would be the Seoul of the South. 


Post by Sarah Park
Sarah Park is native to Korea, and she loves food. Community involvement is something Sarah is very passionate about.
She hosts a weekly segment on Atlanta Radio Korea informing the Korean community of local events and programs as well as new openings and hot spots for different types of cuisine.
Sarah serves on various advisory committees including the Korean Food Global Association Southeast and the Atlanta International Night Market. She also served with Atlanta Food Service Expo and has been recognized for her global food initiatives.
Currently a Gwinnett resident, Sarah is a true foodie who enjoys all types of cuisine and traveling to sample different tastes from regions around the world.