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Celebrate the Arts with Artober Gwinnett

Because the earth without "art" is just "eh."

We'd like to introduce you to Artober Gwinnett.

Taking place October 2016, Artober is a month-long celebration of the arts in our great county. In it's inaugural year, this exciting initiative will focus on promoting the awareness of the arts. We want you to get out and experience everything Gwinnett's artistic community has to offer.

Celebrate the arts with #ArtoberGwinnett!

How will we do that you ask? Every day of the month of October will feature an arts-related event. From theater productions and concerts to exhibitions and arts and crafts activities at festivals, there's a lot that goes on in Gwinnett.

We'll also be presenting several featured events as part of Artober Gwinnett, and you can expect more information on those soon.

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Because no one likes "eh."