The Seoul of the South

Curb Your Sweet Tooth at Cafe Crepes Square

If you love sweet things, you'll love this place.

If you are ever in Suwanee with a sweet tooth craving, then you have to try Cafe Crepes Square. It's located in the same shopping center as 770 Korean BBQ, and offers a variety of drinks and desserts.

True to its namesake, the cafe focuses on several crepe desserts with an Asian twist. Crepes are widely popular as street food snacks, but they go beyond the standard fillings one may see in the US or Europe. Asian crepes are usually stuffed with a variety of fillings and sauces ranging from fresh fruit to marshmallows and ice cream.

At Cafe Crepes Square, the Fusion and Nutella crepes are more like quesadillas loaded with fruit, whipped cream and sauces. Both are very satisfying and went perfectly with my Iced Americano.

Th interior is quaint with what looks like several pieces of handmade art. At first glance, the cafe seems very tiny, but there is additional seating along the bar and in the back room. The vibe is relaxed, and the friendly owner patiently explained the menu to us.

It may be a little confusing to a first-time guest, but don't hesitate to ask for recommendations. We were very happy with our food and drinks, and we'll be planning to return again soon.

Post by Sarah Park
Sarah Park is native to Korea, and she loves food. Community involvement is something Sarah is very passionate about.
She hosts a weekly segment on Atlanta Radio Korea informing the Korean community of local events and programs as well as new openings and hot spots for different types of cuisine.
Sarah serves on various advisory committees including the Korean Food Global Association Southeast and the Atlanta International Night Market. She also served with Atlanta Food Service Expo and has been recognized for her global food initiatives.
Currently a Gwinnett resident, Sarah is a true foodie who enjoys all types of cuisine and traveling to sample different tastes from regions around the world.