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We've Got Your New Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Spot

"I haven't even ordered yet, and I know I want to come back."

That's how my lunch started with a coworker at Black Walnut Cafe a few days ago. When you enter the cafe, you'll have a chance to peruse the massive menu as you wait in line to order at the counter. Grab your buzzer, pick a seat, and wait to pick up your mouthwatering meal at the counter.

We weren't there for breakfast, but I'm eager to get back and try it. Black Walnut has an amazing "benedicts" section—of course, they offer the traditional, but you can also try bacon cheeseburger benedict, with two mini burger patties, or the pico benedict, served with sauteed spinach, pico de gallo and cayenne citrus hollandaise.

They've also got yummy waffle and pancake options, as well as breakfast tacos, omelettes, egg plates and more. One unique feature of their morning menu is the savory kolaches; a pastry rimmed by a puffy pillow of supple dough.

We stopped by for lunch, and I was mesmerized by the menu. "Can I have one of everything," I often wonder when I step into a restaurant like this.

Every appetizer had my name it. The salad options were terrific for those who are looking for a healthier option. They offer several scrumptious grilled cheese, burger and sandwich choices, all served with a variety of sides (that you can swap out). They also have a whole pasta section, as well as a handful of signature entrees that include lobster tacos and chicken fried steak (NOM).

Whew! That's a lot. So, after some serious deliberation, we ordered a cup of the chicken tortilla soup, the Anderson's 'Bout Time sandwich and the chicken and waffle sandwich. The soup was one of the hardiest I've ever had—packed full of chicken, corn, black beans and more, it certainly didn't disappoint. The avocado and cucumber with grilled chicken on the Anderson's 'Bout Time gave the sandwich a refreshing taste. The chicken and waffle sandwich was very tasty, but the star of the show was the pepper jelly that it came with.

If all this isn't enough, Black Walnut also serves delicious desserts, like carrot cake and chocolate pie, as well as award-winning gelato. The coconut was so good, my coworker and I both got it.

Needless to say, I'll be returning to Black Walnut, and I hope to find you there! Keep up with them on Facebook for news, promotions and updates.

Post by Jessica Whittingslow

Self-proclaimed foodie and adventurer, Jessica loves to explore Gwinnett and all the great dining, shopping, activities and events the area has to offer. When she's not telling you guys what dishes to try or where to be, she's reading, spending time outdoors or catching up on the latest Netflix original series (who else loved Stranger Things??). She's got an Australian Shepherd that's basically her child and a husband, who always comes second to the dog (sorry, not sorry).