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​Best Places for Craft Beer in Gwinnett

Craft beer has officially become a trend. And it’s definitely one that we’re willing to get behind! Check out these restaurants and growler shops (BEERtiques if you will) that can offer you hard-to-find craft beers and brands that you’ve never heard of, but will likely want to have again and again.

What is a growler shop? For a deep history that could win you hundreds of dollars on Jeopardy check out the Beer Advocate website definition and history. For the elementary definition, I’d describe a growler shop as a heavenly place where you can stop in and buy craft beer in one of those moonshine jug thingy’s (hey, I said an elementary definition). You don’t consume beer there so it’s different than a bar. More like a beer store, hence the nickname, BEERtique.

Check out these Gwinnett restaurants for the best beers around:

  • Three Blind Mice is arguably one of Gwinnett’s best restaurants. Imagine a Krog Street Market restaurant feel in the middle of Gwinnett. They offer beer tastings each Sunday. 6 samples for $8.
  • Taco Mac is an oldie but a goodie. Gwinnett has 3 locations to serve you. (Suwanee, Duluth, Mall of Georgia)
  • Rivals on Five in Lilburn offers craft beers in one of Gwinnett’s best sports bars. And they are also in the running for best patio in Gwinnett!
rivals-on-five-fb Photo via Rivals on Five Facebook page graft-2 Graft Restaurant in Grayson

Gwinnett Growler Shops:

Lincoln-fill-station Photo via Lincoln Fill Station Facebook
  • Peachtree Growler Co. in Peachtree Corners offers over 40 beers, a coffeehouse and Brew-U Homebrewing Education Classes!
  • Exhibit A[le] in Lawrenceville just moved to a new location! Stop in for occasional live music and of course, beer!
exhibit-ale Source: Exhibit A[le]

Just for kicks here are a few Atlanta Breweries/Tours:

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