The Seoul of the South

Try Signature Korean Dishes at A-Hyang

A-Hyang is a terrific little getaway in the plentiful and ever growing "Koreatown" of Duluth. This restaurant is family-owned and is very affordable with high quality, traditional Korean food accompanied by a casual atmosphere.

The decor inside is bright with simple yet effective accents on the walls and in the lights. The staff is young, attentive and friendly.

This place has to be one of the best spots in Atlanta for two all-time Korean favorites. The first dish is buddae-jjigae. A-Hyang's version is delicious and perfect for any day of the year. If you have not tried buddae-jjigae before, it is mixed with a variety of other mouth-watering assortments like sausage, spam, rice cakes and noodles. This dish was recently popularized by celebrity chef, Anthony Bourdain, after his last trip to Seoul.

The other house specialty is gamja tang, the famous potato and pork backbone stew. This slow-simmered stew is the epitome of comfort food for many Koreans. The slow cooked meat and potatoes literally fall off the bone and melt in your mouth. The portions are big, and the prices are super reasonable. As with any Korean meal, there are a number of tasty side dishes that accompany your meal.

I think that these two dishes make the short list of favorite Korean foods to eat when dining out, as no place can really compete with mom's home cooking. This place comes close, and there are definitely days when I would favor these dishes over any Korean BBQ. Be sure to check out A-Hyang and give them a try.

Post by Sarah Park
Sarah Park is native to Korea, and she loves food. Community involvement is something Sarah is very passionate about.
She hosts a weekly segment on Atlanta Radio Korea informing the Korean community of local events and programs as well as new openings and hot spots for different types of cuisine.
Sarah serves on various advisory committees including the Korean Food Global Association Southeast and the Atlanta International Night Market. She also served with Atlanta Food Service Expo and has been recognized for her global food initiatives.
Currently a Gwinnett resident, Sarah is a true foodie who enjoys all types of cuisine and traveling to sample different tastes from regions around the world.