The Seoul of the South

6 Spots to Try Korean Snack Food

We love the Korean BBQ craze. It's time to branch out and try some other Korean cuisine in Gwinnett. You'll find several establishments that offer traditional Korean snack foods, and they're to die for. Here's a quick guide to get you started.

1. Manna

Head into Manna for the topokki, or spicy rice cakes. This traditional dish is a tasty treat. Also grab some kimbap, a Korean sushi roll.

2. Poetree Cafe

At Poetree Cafe, you'll find bunshik—inexpensive Korean snack food. Try their rice cakes, Korean-style tacos or kimari—deep fried seaweed spring rolls.

3. Harue Food & Cafe

Harue Food & Cafe is a favorite for all things snack food. Try the donkatsu, a deep fried pork cutlet, or their delicious fried chicken served in a variety of sauces.

4. Dan Moo Ji

Dan Moo Ji is another perfect place to try something new. One of the most popular dishes is ddukbokki, a spicy rice cake dish with vegetables, egg, and fish cakes.

5. TopPoke

At TopPoke, you can get your fill of the popular poke dish, while also munching on some Korean snacks. Try the sushi-style rice rolls, spricy rice cakes, and the ever popular Korean fried chicken.

6. Thank U Chicken

Thank U Chicken was named best fried chicken by Garden & Gun, so you know they're food is worth a try. Also try their potato slice dishes and rice balls.

Join us on a Seoul of the South™ tour to try some of these dishes and much more!