Everett's Music Barn

Hear the rich and storied history of Georgia's unassuming Bluegrass music hub.

band playing at Everett's Music Barn

Everett's Music Barn:  ​The Everett Family established Bluegrass in Suwanee in 1964 when brothers Randall and Roger began playing guitars and singing together. After the death of their brother Jerry, who was killed in the line of duty as a Gwinnett County police officer, the music became a way to soften the grief process and hold the family closer together. They taught themselves to play with the help of their father Lee, who had played the banjo in his younger days. Brother Randall was a fan of country music and enjoyed listening to the Grand Ole Opry from WSM Radio in Nashville. From the time Randall & Roger were small boys, they also listened to the local station WDYX in Buford, Georgia.

 Randall and Roger became regular members of the live Saturday morning show, with the family attending each week to provide the applause. They met many musicians at the station and began to invite them back to their home to play music. With "Mama Everett's" permission and the promise of, "no foolishness and no drinking." To accommodate the growing number of guests and musicians, brother Leroy added a "music room" to the back of the house in 1968, complete with stage, one microphone, one amp, along with several chairs and sofas to sit on.

 As the music room was experiencing growing pains, Leroy had a dream of building "the Everett's music barn", while recovering in the hospital from a heart attack. He was a carpenter and a dreamer, and drew out the plans. Without any money, he made this dream come true with the help of family members and friends.  The Everett's Music Barn was born.

Decades later, the Barn is open every Saturday night with shows beginning at 8pm. The house on the property is open for impromptu jam sessions and the family has kept the "no alcohol" policy from Mama Everett in tact. In lieu of admission, bring some cash for the tin coffee can that is passed around during the show. Click here for upcoming events.

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