9292 Korean BBQ


This bustling, modern Korean barbecue hangout has hip decor, charcoal grills & all-you-can-eat options.

GRW 2017 Menu

$25, plus tax and gratuity

Appetizer - Please Choose One

Korean stir-fried dumplings

Korean seafood pancake
Combination of seafood, green onions and flavorful batter creates a savory pancake

Entrée - Please Choose One

All you can eat Korean BBQ
Beef bulgogi, pork belly, seasoned pork short rib, spicy pork belly, pork shoulder

Dessert - Please Choose One

Ice cream


Sweet rice punch
Traditional rice beverage that contains grains of cooked rice (may contain pine nuts)

9292 Korean BBQ

3360 Satellite Blvd
Duluth, GA 30096
(470) 227-1431

GRW Hours
GRW menu served during dinner only.
Sunday-Thursday, 5pm-12am


Note: $25 does not include tax and gratuity.