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If you're looking for a quick bite of authentic Chinese yumminess, look no further than Taste of Tian Jin located inside the Jusgo Food Court at the Jusgo Supermarket in Duluth.  Cooked to order dim sum, seafood pot stickers and chive and pork dumplings are just a few of the offerings.  However, what people come in search of is the jianbing a traditional Chinese street food similar to crepes.  

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3 stars

Taste of Tianjin is A-OK. Got the munchies while grocery shopping in Duluth so we decided to check out a new food stall inside the Jusgo food court.... Read Full Review

GOOD Xiao Long Bao (Soup Dumplings) are hard to come by in metro Atlanta these days, especially after Chef Liu shut down. I've been trying to eat at all the... Read Full Review

Chinese cuisine is not one of my faves. I've been brainwashed by Chinese American food growing up. When I finally had authentic Chinese cuisine, it's better... Read Full Review

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