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4 stars

I've been to this plaza about 267 times but never tried it out. I'm glad I finally did because it's my favorite spot to get some soon dooboo. It's very... Read Full Review

One of my favorite korean dishes are stews, and soft tofu stew it's definitely one of them. I have two to three places that I frequently go for my stew... Read Full Review

We ordered from this restaurant because we thought it was the one we went to a few years back, but two things became clear after ordering: 1) it was not the... Read Full Review

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TripAdvisor Traveler Rating 4.5 stars Based on 5 traveler reviews

nice lunch

I came here for lunch while passing through town. I only speak english and have only had Korean twice, so I didn't know what half of the menu was, but it all sounded good. Some of the items must have... Read Full Review

Good Tofu Jjigae Spicy Tofu Stew

Went with my wife. This place is one of franchized Korean restaurant and you can expect the same quality as you enjoyed any other places. Good tasteful tofu jjigae is the best you would have in this... Read Full Review

The Real Deal

I have been to this location to eat about 8 times. I think this it's 3rd incarnation (3 different owners). I think it will survive this time. I have enjoyed every meal from all of the owners... Read Full Review

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