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Snowflake Tea House

2180 Pleasant Hill Rd A8, Duluth, GA 30096 View Map

Snowflake Tea House, associated with Sno-Crave Tea House out of California, is a Taiwanese tea house.

They serve Shaved Snow, which is a cross between ice cream and the traditional shaved ice desserts popular in Hawaii and Asia. Snow ice features soft ribbons of flavored ice topped with fruit, nuts and other assorted goods.

They offer a wide variety of shaved snow and hundreds of cold and hot drink combinations. It's the place to be for your favorite dessert, whether it's a crepe, a butter toast or shaved snow.

Yelp Reviews

4 stars on Yelp Based on 262 traveler reviews

Tl;Dr: Very Asian dessert house. This place has what's popping in the Asian dessert world, and I'm not mad. My group tried different flavors of the snow... Read Full Review

Ordered the Honey Dew shaved ice cream with lychee and grass jelly and condensed milk. But they did not add my drizzle. Which is why I gave this place 3... Read Full Review

Was definitely excited to try the instagrammable honey brick toast with scoops of icecream and the encoutrements. Sadly I was disappointed because in... Read Full Review

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