1500 Pleasant Hill Rd, Duluth, GA 30096


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(770) 381-1415

Get your pho fix at Pho Dai Loi 3. 

Yelp Reviews

4 stars

A go-to for pho and buns. Pho is always good with enough portions to fit your hunger level, and bunbohue always kills the craving. One definite place that... Read Full Review

It was OK :( I really wanted to like this place because I was really hungry and I was craving Vietnamese so bad, but I've definitely had better. I tried... Read Full Review

Food is good but the servers r so rude and stupid and can't even get a simple request correct, had to ask for the same thing 3 times til a server got it... Read Full Review

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TripAdvisor Reviews

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating 4.0 stars Based on 19 traveler reviews

COVID-19, who cares?

My wife and I were very happy that they opened for business. Today, we went to support them. Sadly, while we were eating, they seated a family at a table right next to us. So my wife was feeling very... Read Full Review

Watch for unexpected tips

This store has good pho noodle; but besides our cash tips, they charged 20 % tips in our credit card which most of us won't pay attention. This is not a good practice. You should inform us if you... Read Full Review

Great pho

The menu was varied with many different styles of food and drinks. The price was very good for the quantity and quality of food. The drinks were great. Read Full Review

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