, Lawrenceville, GA

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(770) 910-7927

Searching for unique flavors to add to your homecooked meals? Nancy's Candy & Spice has got you covered! This boutique spice and candy shop offers everything from steak seasoning and black pepper to BBQ almonds, sea salt and applewood smoke rub. There are dozens of choices and you can even create your own rub.


Yelp Reviews

4.5 stars

I kinda stumbled across Nancy's Candy & Spice store. When you open the door, man the smell of the spices grabs hold of your nose, and fortunately doesn't... Read Full Review

Walking by it looks like an old fashioned candy shop but upon entering found there is a bit more going on in here like a large table full of random spices... Read Full Review

This place really adds flavor to Lawrenceville's downtown area, with the ethnic/Middle Eastern spices and candies. I stopped by on the way to my car after... Read Full Review

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